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Sample Projects

Against the Grain: Evolving the Institution to Attract and Retain Single Parents.

Meegan Dugan Bassett was recently featured as a guest author in The Evolllution, a new online paper for those who understand higher education best. Although few people think of higher education as a solution to poverty, it can be extremely effective. The article highlights some of the top strategies colleges and university can use to improve access and completion for low-income, single mothers.

Landmark Victory for Pregnant Workers

In August 2014, Governor Pat Quinn signed the Illinois Pregnancy Fairness bill (H. B. 8) into law. Dugan Bassett Consulting took an important role in passing this legislation, providing lobbying support, and developing a social media campaign for coalition partner Women Employed.

The bill addresses a growing problem in Illinois. In recent years, low-income, pregnant workers in the Midwest have increasingly had to chose between their jobs and having a healthy baby. Recent court cases have sided with employers who have denied pregnant service workers simple accommodations such as carrying a water bottle or sitting on a stool during long shifts. These restrictions can lead to serious medical issues for pregnant women. The bill set clear parameters for reasonable accommodations that are not costly to employers. Learn more about our policy and advocacy services here and contact us to get started!