Our work is high quality and we work hard to minimize hourly costs. Because you don’t have to cover a full year’s salary or health care and other benefits you can expand your organization's capacity when you just can't afford to hire new staff members.

Here are a few of our packages:

Brain for a Day Get a fresh perspective! We'll meet with leadership team, staff, and/or volunteers to work through program issues, work out a policy strategy, or provide incisive feedback on current programs or strategic plans. Priced at $950.

Getting Started  Want to start doing advocacy but not sure how? This package provides your team with an Advocacy and Social Media Calendar, recommendations for priority legislative contacts along with roll call sheets, and workplans to help you roll out your advocacy activities. Starts at $1,500.

Just the Facts We've worked with legislators and staffers for years and know how to present your policy initiative so it catches their attention. We can research and/or draft a legislative fact sheet with infographics, and help you get the word out with a social media plan and press release. Starts at $2,500.

Researcher Matchmaker Researchers and policymakers need each other! Finding each other is another matter entirely. We use our background in social science research and policy advocacy to develop infographics and fact sheets. Then, we connect researchers to the interested policymakers and advocates that can help your research influence public policy directly. Starts at $4,000.

Higher Help You can't be everywhere at once! We can keep you abreast of relevant upcoming legislation and advocate in Springfield or Washington for your top policy priorities. Starts at $4,000/mo.

Firestarter Creating a compelling, visually engaging policy brief is a great way to get policymakers and other advocates interested in your policy issue. Using infographics on social media can make sure they actually read it! This package includes extensive research on need and proven solutions, a well-designed, practical policy brief, and social media plan to match. Starts at $10,000.

Soup-to-Nuts Reform You have a great idea for policy reform, but don't have the staff to pull it off. We can make it happen! Includes researching  the need and existing policies, creating an advocacy calendar and social media plan, developing a gorgeous fact sheet and policy agenda or policy brief, drafting legislation if needed, and engaging supporters in advocating for change. Starts at $21,000.

Eyes on the Prize Your day is full and you don't always have time to hunt down best practices research. We can find research and talk to leading organizations to find out what works. Includes a report you can share with your board. Starts at $2,600.

Program Jumpstart Choose this action oriented, lower cost version of our program implementation process when you need a fast plan of action for a program launch or a lightning quick assessment of best practices. Starts at $7,500.

Streamlined and Successful If you've already done your planning homework and need some help organizing the nuts and bolts of program implementation, this is the package for you. We can train staff, design protocol, and help you troubleshoot overwhelming and complex processes so that you can make the most of your organization's resources. Starts at $10,000.

Righting the Ship No one creates a perfect program from the start. Sometimes it's helpful to have an outside eye help give you ideas for how to get the results you want. Depending on your needs, we can talk to clients, staff, and stakeholders and research best practices to provide a detailed report with recommendations for moving forward. Starts at $6,000.

Just Good Business You want to have a positive impact in your community and get some credit for it with customers. We've seen it all and can tell you which local nonprofits you can support for the biggest impact! Includes an evaluation of your existing corporate social impact and recommendations for how to have a bigger community impact. Starts at $8,000.



Estimates provided per project.

For regular projects that require on-going, part-time work, you can also hire a freelancer at a reduced regular rate.

If you are a new or struggling non-profit please contact us to learn more about our special discounted rate.