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You are absolutely right. It’s not fair.

For years the world of business has been capitalizing on incredible data and the best brains. Business leaders have become experts at knowing when and how you’ll buy, what colors and placements trigger consumer behavior, and who is most likely to buy what.

It’s time the people who dedicate their lives to making the world a better place get some love too.

Oh there are plenty of really smart people working in the nonprofit sector. Don’t get me wrong.

But all too often nonprofit staff and leaders are underpaid and stretched too thin. When you juggle multiple jobs for too little pay it can be hard to keep up to date on the newest ideas and research. Add in the fact that the social service sector often struggles to reward innovation, and things can get a little stagnant.

That’s why we started this blog. To shake things up.

Nonprofits are finally getting some love with practical research from some of the top universities in the world. Instead of just assuming what we are doing works, there is a growing body of research on practical aspects of nonprofit work and public policy advocacy. In addition, the attention over the last decade to social impact and social entrepreneurship means that there is a growing movement to get creative.

Big brains are looking at the unique challenges faced by nonprofits. And we want to help get their ideas and research out to nonprofits and the public sector in way that is simple and easy to access. That way no matter how much or little time you have, you can tap into the cutting edge ideas and information you need to have the biggest impact possible!

Our goal is to share the ideas that will lead to a breakthrough in how we address poverty or the funny story that will get you rejuvenated to go back to helping people tomorrow. The blog will include tips for social media and advocacy that will get more people working toward your mission. All in all, this blog represents what we are all about at Dugan Bassett Consulting-- learning from the best the world has to offer to help nonprofits become more effective every day!

Join us. We want to hear from you. What new thing has your nonprofit, foundation, or social enterprise tried recently that has improved your effectiveness?